The Conservancy

The Australian Platypus Conservancy is an independent organisation dedicated to conserving the platypus and its freshwater habitats. In particular, the Conservancy is conducting a wide range of research projects to:

  1. learn more about the current status of platypus populations
  2. establish what factors are chiefly responsible for the animals disappearing from certain areas
  3. identify what can be done to ensure the long-term conservation of this unique mammal.

The Conservancy conducts a wide-range of projects and has won a number of awards for its contribution to wildlife conservation. Its legal status is a non-profit environmental charity, with tax deductibility.



Dr Melody Serena, Conservation Biologist with the APC, about to release a platypus back to the wild after a trapping survey.

An important aim of the Conservancy is to increase the amount of information available about the status of platypus populations and their ecological requirements. The APC co-operates with management agencies, local councils, businesses, community groups and private landowners to conduct platypus surveys and undertake field studies. It also tries to ensure that its research findings are used to develop practical programs to protect and strengthen platypus populations.

The Australian Platypus Conservancy is also working hard to build community awareness of the urgent need to care for freshwater habitats on the world’s driest continent, through lectures and workshops, special publications and a schools program.

Despite its special scientific status, many important questions about the platypus remain unanswered. More research is needed to identify all the factors affecting the survival of the species throughout its range.

Nevertheless, by initiating action now, we can all help to ensure the future of one of the world’s most remarkable mammals.