Australian Platypus Conservancy

MSplat WimmeraThe Australian Platypus Conservancy is a non-profit environmental organisation that was set up in 1994 to conserve the platypus and its freshwater habitats. The Conservancy was established at a time when the platypus’s status and environmental needs were very poorly known. Many of the Conservancy’s achievements in its first 25 years of operation are summarised in Platypus News & Views no. 75.

The Conservancy’s main aim is to link research findings with community action to protect and strengthen platypus and Australian water-rat (or rakali) populations. It co-operates with management agencies, universities, businesses, community groups and schools to ensure that research findings are used to initiate and support practical actions on behalf of these animals and their habitats.

The Conservancy conducts projects to:

  • Learn more about the status of platypus populations and their ecological needs
  • Identify the factors that are chiefly responsible for limiting platypus population size and survival
  • Develop and improve methods for platypus survey and monitoring, especially those involving citizen science
  • Map the occurrence of the Australian water-rat/rakali and improve public awareness of this undervalued animal


The Conservancy is a registered environmental charity with full tax-deductible (DGR) status. Its work is supported by management agencies, philanthropic trusts, community groups, schools, sponsors and interested individuals who care about the future of the platypus.

If you would like to contribute to platypus or rakali conservation efforts you can donate in the following ways:

1 On-line bank transfer.  Our bank account details are:

BSB: 063-855     Ac no.: 1004 7108   Ac name: Australian Platypus Conservancy 

If you are not in Australia you also need a SWIFT code for Commonwealth Bank which is: CTBAAU2S  (Please note it is no longer possible to send us a cheque in overseas currencies as Australian banks have now stopped handling them).

We do not get automatic notifications of deposits to our bank account.  Therefore, if you do make a transfer to our account, please let us know by email so that we can check that it has gone through OK and then issue you a receipt.

2) You can pay by credit card using Tiltify, an online service used by more than a thousand charities worldwide.  You go to type ‘Australian Platypus Conservancy Incorporated’ into the Cause search and follow the prompts to pay by credit card via a secure payment system.       

Donations to the APC are tax deductible in Australia. We will issue an official receipt for your tax records on clearance of funds. 

If you do make a donation, please be assured that we will never pester you requesting  follow-up donations, nor will your details be passed on to any other body.

Australian Platypus Conservancy (ABN 64 255 612 676)

PO Box 115, Campbells Creek VIC 3451

(03) 5416 1478        Email:

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