Live-trapping surveys

Live-trapping surveys provide the only option for obtaining information relating to sex ratio, reproductive success and other platypus demographic parameters. Because platypus feed in the water and are mainly active at night, live-trapping work requires specialised equipment and is both time-consuming and logistically demanding.

Platypus surveys are normally only undertaken by experienced biologists, working in accordance with research permits issued by the relevant Animal Ethics Committees and state wildlife and/or fisheries agencies. Nets for platypus have to be checked at frequent intervals throughout the night in the case of fyke nets and constantly attended in the case of gill nets, so that animals can be removed promptly and safely.

For further advice on the feasibility of conducting platypus live-trapping surveys in your local waterway, contact the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

For more information on Platypus trapping using Fyke nets, please refer to the Platypus Fyke-netting Guidelines