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Further Reading about the Platypus


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SELECTED SCIENTIFIC ARTICLESThe following list of research papers is not meant to be exhaustive or complete, but we hope will at least provide a sense of the range of published scientific literature that is available.  Papers have been grouped (to the best of our ability) according to the following topics: (1) Body size and condition, (2) Body temperature, (3) Diet and food competition, (4) Disease and mortality, (5) Distribution, (6) Diving ability and foraging behavior, (7) Electroreception and other senses, (8) Embryology and development, (9) Field research methods, (10) Fossil history, (11) Genetics, (12) Habitat use, (13) Movements and home range size, (14) Life history attributes, (15) Reproduction, (16) Stress, (17) Venom and (18) Water quality and flow relationships. 


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