What We Do

What is the Australian Platypus Conservancy?

The Australian Platypus Conservancy is working to ensure that conservation of this unique mammal receives the attention that it deserves. At present, very few researchers are dedicated to studying platypus. Likewise, only very limited government resources are allocated to platypus conservation. The Australian Platypus Conservancy aims to increase the level of platypus research and develop long-term environmental action that will both protect existing platypus populations and revitalise degraded freshwater habitats, thereby encouraging platypus to re-establish in waterways where they have declined or disappeared.

What is the main focus of Australian Platypus Conservancy research?

The Conservancy links high-quality research with public education and community involvement. Its research program is directed by Dr Melody Serena, one of Australia’s leading platypus biologists, and involves studies of platypus population biology and related topics such as genetics and health. The APC co-operates with other organisations, including universities, management agencies, veterinarians and conservation groups. It works in partnership with various Catchment Management Authorities and, from 1995 onwards, worked with Melbourne Water to develop the Melbourne Urban Platypus Program, the first ever survey of platypus in a city, which examined relationships between platypus numbers and habitat quality in suburban environments.

APC believes that public support for conservation is best achieved through immediate experience. The labour-intensive nature of platypus research provides excellent opportunities for members of the public to contribute to wildlife conservation through hands-on involvement.

What else does the Australian Platypus Conservancy do?

APC is building awareness of the urgent need to care for freshwater habitats on the world’s driest continent, through its education program for schools, lecture series, publications, specialist conferences and community workshops. The Conservancy’s work is the focus of considerable media interest, which both furthers its educational objectives and obtains recognition for project sponsors and partners.

What is the official status of the Australian Platypus Conservancy?

The Conservancy is a non-government, non-profit organisation, incorporated in Victoria. APC has been granted tax deductible status by inclusion on the Commonwealth Register of Environmental Organisations.

Who funds the Australian Platypus Conservancy?

The work of the Conservancy is supported by a variety of management agencies, philanthropic trusts, corporate sponsors and individuals. New projects are commenced as resources become available.